Traditional British Paper Sizes

Further Information

When the United Kingdom started using ISO sizes, the traditional paper sizes were no longer commonly used. Most of the traditional sizes were used in the production of books, and were never used for other stationery purposes. ‘Folio’ or ‘Foolscap’ is an alias for Foolscap Folio, as is ‘Kings’ being an alias for ‘Foolscap Quarto’.

Format Width x Height (mm) Width x Height (in)
Foolscap 203 x 330 mm 7.992 x 12.992 in
Quarto 203 x 254 mm 7.992 x 10 in
Imperial 178 x 229 mm 7.008 x 9.016 in
Kings 165 x 203 mm 6.496 x 7.992 in
Dukes 140 x 178 mm 5.512 x 7.008 in